First Rafting In My Life

Happy. Once again touched the nature. Relaxing and away from work.  Hang out with co-workers feels so good. Loud laughs everywhere along the way to the finish. Even since warming up before starting. Lol. I heard from colleague that our team were the loudest from all the participants from other travel agencies and hotels. Well, as far as I know until this second, I work with cheerful people and feel blessed for it.

Anyway, this rafting competition was held to celebrate Kartini Day. She was a Javanese, a wife and the emancipator in Indonesia. That was why all the participants were WOMEN! 😀


Prada, The Rich, Pecatu: Soft Opening


Indonesian Pancake

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It called sweet martabak or terang bulan (bright moon) cake or Indonesian pancake or in my hometown, Medan, we call it Apem Balik. This one is made with cheese, banana and chocolate confetti. At first I thought it was only 1 layer and cost about 1,5 Euro. But, it was 2 layers and cost about 1,5 Euro! Since I´m not „eat much“ person, now I am confusing how to finish it all.

Saving for tomorrow maybe? 😀


Die Schritte Am Strand

Manchmal braucht man die Zeit, um allein zu sein.

Mehr wird später hingefügt werden….