How To Prove That You’re Wrong?

         I’ll start with these words he said almost 2 months ago. „I think, it is better for you to marry Bule, because they“re gladly cook for their wifes ….“


          Yes. I was shocked hearing his words. Honestly, I really disappointed with what he said to me in the kitchen. Just because I cooked only rice and he cooked Chicken Corn Soup, it doesn’t mean he can say that to me or to anyone. It doesn’t mean he allowed to underestimate me. But, as usual I took his words just like that. What I actually tought after that was, how can I prove that what he said about me was a mistake? That I can’t cook, at all? I pray to God many times, oh yes I prayed often since then, that I will get a chance one day to cook for him and eat with him in the same table. Alhamdulillah! That day came. I cooked rice and hot mackerel with tomato sauce. For the desserts I gave him sweet mango slices. Big slices I mean. Though I was a little bit pushy to him to finish all the food I served. It was all done! Well, not all. He left for me a little. It was completely okay, because that wasn’t the point. I just want to prove that I can cook. That’s all.

my Salmon Tom Yum Gong

       Then the question was said. „You cooked often here?“ Huh! Finally you asked me that question. Feel so happy. I wish you know how happy I was just to hear your question. It showed me, that you are wrong. You’ve misjudged me, Skat.

        I don’t mean to be a bad or rude person, but I always try to prove that someone is wrong about me. I don’t cook in front of you, doesn’t mean I can’t cook at all. I think it’s my habit to prove people that they’re wrong and I’m right. Most of the times. ^^ They just don’t know many things about me. That’s all.


Bule = it’s Indonesian word to name foreigner with white skin and blonde hair.

Skat = it’s Danish word like „Dear“.