New Level, New Room

Life is incredibly unbelievable.

I wasn’t expected anything. But, here I am. In a small meeting room, which also with working table on the other end of the room. Still my computer with me and only with new working paper and large windows behind me. New room. In new level.

It feels like only a week ago I came back from 5 days and 4 nights round trip in Java and after I came back to the office, I got the news that I was offered to take this position to handle the biggest DMC in Germany and maybe in Europe. Yes, it was a shock and I was almost chocked. Gasping and inhale exhale that I can do about it. Though, it still takes time to accept everything consciously. Yes, I am still in shock.

Working with some German speaking expats in this room make me feel quite … anxious. Looks like I need Duden once again. What a life I have…. Once again talking in German, English and Indonesian language with them all at the same time is quite a thing with my tongue. Lol.

Well, got to through all this with all my heart and soul. Love your job and hopefully, the good things will come into your life as future benefits.

Gotta go and get rest. Maybe? 😉

How Fast Am I?

Oh, yeah! Interesting title, right? But please, don’t imagine that I’m genetically related with that amazing Superman. Hahahaha! Because I am not and don’t want to be one of his relative.

Actually this is not the first time I catched something falling. Actually I want to forget that I did it several times , since I couldn’t even remember how many times.

The latest was yesterday evening, while my hostfamily and I were chatting after dinner. It happened because Noah, their youngest son, grabed a standing lamp in the corner of the dining room, just half of meter on my left side. My hostmother, Jeanette, put Noah on the floor near the lamp, because he acted really like a baby! 🙂 When she fed him very tiny chopped spaghetti, suddenly he banged his bowl. It was totally chaos! Tiny spaghettis everywhere! My hostmother and hostfather instead of being angry, but laughing. We were silence for a while and then smiling together. Baby. Now Noah shows that he is not that kind of funny baby anymore. 🙂 After that Jeanette put Noah on the floor and said, „That’s it! You’re done!“ I still watched Noah wants to crawl to his palace in the living room. It’s a soft carpet for babies to play with many toys on it. I thought he’s going to crawl to his palace. But he wasn’t! He try to grab the standing lamp in the corner of the room right behind Jeanette. Once again, I thought he was trying to stand up with his right hand holding on the lamp and the left hand try to reach the wall. It wasn’t. He gave up and try to grab the lamp and drop it! Somehow I got that „thing“ and it was right. When I was still talking with Jeanette and my hostfather, I saw Noah grabbed the lamp and almost dropped on to Jeanette’s head. I didn’t know what happened and how to explain it, but I stand up as fast as I can and my right hand catched the top of the lamp and hold it. Because of trying to catch the lamp so it wouldn’t fall on to Jeanette’s head , I didn’t realized that my right thigh hit the edge of Jeanette’s chair. I feel the pain about a few minutes after that. And it was really hurt. Then my hostfather said, „Good reflex!“. I just can give painful smile. 🙂 I don’t care how good my reflex motion. I just care about your son. And Noah crawled again and acted like nothing happened because of him. Babies are the same! 🙂 Pooing, peeing, eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, smiling, laughing and crying. That’s all.

Noah always try to touch Molly’s fur. Sorry, I mean grabbing her fur.
Don’t Shoot Me!
The first time I took his photo while sleeping

Often I feel uncomfortable with what happened and even with myself. Sometimes I think maybe I am so aware of what happens around me and „know“ what will happen before it happened. As far as I can remember, I catched falling lens cap from my friend professional digital camera when I was on the street photo hunting with him and 2 other friends. The other time when I sat in digital camera store in a mall in my hometown. My friend was sloppy when he opened the lens cap and finally fell. But before it touched the floor, my left hand catched it. He said,“What an amazing move, Dwi!“. I just smiled. I really didn’t know what happened that moment. I didn’t know that lens caps going to fall. The same thing happened when I blocked a ball with my right hand that almost hit my face outside of the court. Once, when I was in highschool, I grabbed my friend’s uniform and pulled her back from an accident in front of our school gate. The car didn’t hit her but the car’s left front tire rolled on my left shoe. She was angry with me because I grabbed her shirt. I told her that the car just passed us by, was almost hit her if I didn’t do that.

I still didn’t understand. After something like that happened, I always felt exhausted. It was like all my energy fly away. Or am I just „too much“? Is someone out there can help me to explain about this?

A Decade With You

Cha, it’s been a decade ago we met and started this funny, weird, stupid, lovable and caring friendship and sisterhood. Do you remember the first time we met in our basketball club and finally found out that actually we studied in the same building but only different floors? Voila! We also lived not far from each other! A coincidence? I hope that God make a good purposes through that coincidence. Days, months, years has gone by. We talked, went camping with friends and traveled just the two of us. Do you still remember that embarassing trip in our bus from Medan – Banda Aceh? Alhamdulillah they didn’t threw me out of that cigarettes smelled bus. LOL. The most memorable trip in my life, was with you. Almost got bitten by that Sabangs wild monkeys near the 0 Km Point of Indonesia when we were heading to the vila. The unpreparable trip to Bukit Lawang? I promise in my life will never do such stupid trip plan again. Ever! But that was also funny, right? We met very interesting traveler there and I have a culture shock again in my own homeland, because I saw an undiscribable crowded there. Hey! I didn’t remember that it was a national holiday. Indonesia Independence Day! Great, huh?! 😀 Ouw! I forgot another unforgettable trip to Tarutung. Thank you for allowed me to join your trip there. Now I know how delicious Mi Gomak, Fried Banana and Black Tea to have for breakfast. I miss so much Mi Gomak, you know. :‘) 





We fought just because of little things. I hate everytime you called me Boneng and shorty. Yeah yeah! You streetlight bar! :)) Slim and brown and fast walker. Do you remember, we laughed together, when we saw a man wore unique outfit passed us by in a shopping center while we licked that A&W chocolate Monas ice cream, or just a plain and normal but milky soft ice and sat for hours just to chat about our weird campus, family problems, relationships and so on. We spent whole weekend just in your room heard radio stations and called them just to ask for songs to play for ourself or made a fastcall to answered quizzes, which very often we won CDs and merchandises! 😀 I remember all what we have near and far. We always try to contact each other. I know I’ve made many countless mistakes to you, but you still forgive me. Thank you very much, sist. I know, that we’re not always there for each other, but I know my heart, mind and soul always there for you, wherever you are. And I know you too, to me. 

Today, you make a promise to God for your soulmate. Yes, you find him, finally. :‘) So happy for you. I can’t tell you how happy I am, Cha. But makes me so sad and it’s your fault, because now I’m crying in front of the computer screen, because I CAN’T SEE you in front of the altar in your special day! SHIT! Well, I think I should stop saying something now or I’ll cry harder. I have nothing more to say here than a happy new life for you both. Happy ever after. ^^



Ps: All these photos were taken in September when we were traveling to Banda Aceh and Weh Island – Indonesia, only 9 months after the tsunami in our beloved Sumatera Island.

Moving (Again)

I ask you only one question. Do you like, if you have to move to a new home more than once? Well, If you’re an adult, I think the answer would be variable. I bet, most of adults has the same answer. Which is according to jobs and family. At least that’s what I’ve seen and heard from my friends families and newlywed couples. But, especially from what happened in my own family. But, what about an answer from   8 years old daughter? I tell you now.

Since I was born into this crowded world, I can’t count anymore how many times my family has moved. Honestly, I felt so tired in my heart and mind. But, whatever I said, I was 100% sure, that my parent won’t hear my objections. The greatest disappointment of this moving thing was happened in 1996. I thought it was only another moving. Who knows, we might move again in the next couple years. It didn’t happened. It was the last moving. But this last moving has succesfully disappointing me. I was almost crying in the car. Because I have to leave 6 pots of my chilli plants, that grew 3 days before we moved. I’ve waited for weeks to see the seeds came up. Usually, I took the seeds from fresh chilli, which already being dried under the sunlight. That time I took from my father’s seeds pack. After a week since the first day I planted, It didn’t came up. Oops! Something went wrong?! But then my father said, it took more time, because it wasn’t fresh chilli seeds. Hehehe. I think, I have to learn „a lot“ more start that day. To learn more about plants and how to be more patient. 

Sadly, I have left all those 6 pots by the day we moved. I’ve asked my parents to take it with, but they’re just don’t understand how much it means to me. 

Well, in the new house I’ve lost all the passion to plant something. There’s no frontyard and backyard. Then, I was busy at school and homeworks. Only little time to hang out with my friends.

A view from second floor window.

Now, I start to move to a new house. But this time not a real house. I have to move a new virtual house. From multiply to wordpress. Well, actually I really don’t like have to move all my writings and photo albums in this past 5 years. It’s a lot. LOL. Well, no time to complain but to move it all before 1. December 2012. I also have to decorate the interior and exterior design soon. So, I can feel homy, once again.

Sharing, sharing and sharing. Widely.



Ps: If you don’t understand about what I mean or my grammar, forgive me. I learn, speak, write and hear German language better than English. ^^

You Were Not Okay

        I remember. There were times, when you called me many times. You didn’t have to tell me what happened with you. But I knew in seconds, you were not okay. I knew, you’re just to shy to say that you need me at that moment. Just to looked into your eyes, holded your hands and smiled. I didn’t have to say, that everythings going to be okay. You’ll know, I said that line from my smile. Because for me, to say something like that can be said through a smile from the heart, a warm look and a hug.

    Sometimes you just wanted to talk to me about your days, your problems and about your stupid friends. Another time you wanted me to hear your jokes. Some other times you wanted me just to sit beside you and held my hands.

      You were not okay. That’s all I knew.


  “ I’m a strong person, but once in a while I would like someone to take my hand and tell me everything’s gonna be alright.“ 

           Though many times I felt down, weak, ill, sad, disappointed, angry, tired. I tried not to complain to you. I didn’t want to bother you. But …

            Days has gone by. No news. Are you okay?