Cold Evening By The Lake

21:31 GMT+2

No lights, typing in the dark. It’s not that I’m trying to get blind. Lol. I just try to get my eyes tired and sleepy. That’s all.

„Good nite … Sweet dream“. Dreaming …. What is a dream? Long time no dreaming. Lol. Is it true that adults can’t have sweet dreams anymore? Only children has sweet dreams? If I dream tonight, I dream we sit together under the tree and spend an evening. Ignore other things.

Cold Evening By The Lake

I don’t know and don’t care. I just need to enjoy my sleep and that „Good nite … Sweet dream“. That’s all. One more thing, why do I feel that honestly I really need a BIG hug?

Road To The After Life




Moving (Again)

I ask you only one question. Do you like, if you have to move to a new home more than once? Well, If you’re an adult, I think the answer would be variable. I bet, most of adults has the same answer. Which is according to jobs and family. At least that’s what I’ve seen and heard from my friends families and newlywed couples. But, especially from what happened in my own family. But, what about an answer from   8 years old daughter? I tell you now.

Since I was born into this crowded world, I can’t count anymore how many times my family has moved. Honestly, I felt so tired in my heart and mind. But, whatever I said, I was 100% sure, that my parent won’t hear my objections. The greatest disappointment of this moving thing was happened in 1996. I thought it was only another moving. Who knows, we might move again in the next couple years. It didn’t happened. It was the last moving. But this last moving has succesfully disappointing me. I was almost crying in the car. Because I have to leave 6 pots of my chilli plants, that grew 3 days before we moved. I’ve waited for weeks to see the seeds came up. Usually, I took the seeds from fresh chilli, which already being dried under the sunlight. That time I took from my father’s seeds pack. After a week since the first day I planted, It didn’t came up. Oops! Something went wrong?! But then my father said, it took more time, because it wasn’t fresh chilli seeds. Hehehe. I think, I have to learn „a lot“ more start that day. To learn more about plants and how to be more patient. 

Sadly, I have left all those 6 pots by the day we moved. I’ve asked my parents to take it with, but they’re just don’t understand how much it means to me. 

Well, in the new house I’ve lost all the passion to plant something. There’s no frontyard and backyard. Then, I was busy at school and homeworks. Only little time to hang out with my friends.

A view from second floor window.

Now, I start to move to a new house. But this time not a real house. I have to move a new virtual house. From multiply to wordpress. Well, actually I really don’t like have to move all my writings and photo albums in this past 5 years. It’s a lot. LOL. Well, no time to complain but to move it all before 1. December 2012. I also have to decorate the interior and exterior design soon. So, I can feel homy, once again.

Sharing, sharing and sharing. Widely.



Ps: If you don’t understand about what I mean or my grammar, forgive me. I learn, speak, write and hear German language better than English. ^^

You Were Not Okay

        I remember. There were times, when you called me many times. You didn’t have to tell me what happened with you. But I knew in seconds, you were not okay. I knew, you’re just to shy to say that you need me at that moment. Just to looked into your eyes, holded your hands and smiled. I didn’t have to say, that everythings going to be okay. You’ll know, I said that line from my smile. Because for me, to say something like that can be said through a smile from the heart, a warm look and a hug.

    Sometimes you just wanted to talk to me about your days, your problems and about your stupid friends. Another time you wanted me to hear your jokes. Some other times you wanted me just to sit beside you and held my hands.

      You were not okay. That’s all I knew.


  “ I’m a strong person, but once in a while I would like someone to take my hand and tell me everything’s gonna be alright.“ 

           Though many times I felt down, weak, ill, sad, disappointed, angry, tired. I tried not to complain to you. I didn’t want to bother you. But …

            Days has gone by. No news. Are you okay?