It’s Just Fifty Shades of Grey

My colleague starts to ask what is FSoG.

Some are mocking.

Some are admiring.

Some are just smiling.

Just like me.

Don’t sweat it.

It’s just movie based on novel.

Like it? Read it and maybe watch the movie.

Don’t like it, leave it.

Don’t press your brain for something that not interest you.

At all.

A Few of Private Collection

*On one Saturday afternoon I was in Arnold Busck and my eyes saw a book with gray tie on the cover. The title was also interesting.

Take it or leave it?

That question was playing me for minutes.

I’ve decided to leave it, because my friends were calling to leave the book castle.

What a wow saw it again in Periplus Sanur.

Life. You’ll never know what might come in your way somewhere.*

So Long, 2014! Welcome, 2015!

Well, I don’t have much to wish for next year.

I just wish, that I will be happy and proud of who I am. Grateful for everything I got already.

And not making the same mistakes as I did before.

A plan for the first day of 2015? To the beach for the first sunrise of 2015 and hopefully not rainy.

Not much, but it makes me smiling already to have this wish in my head. 😉

For additional wishes are to travel to Lombok Island and hike on Rinjani Volcano to fill the volcano list, which I’ve hiked, to Komodo and Rinca Islands, and diving in Raja Ampat.

I wish you all A GREAT NEW YEAR AHEAD!

Selamat Tahun Baru 2015 / Happy New Year 2015 / Frohes Neujahr 2015 / Godt Nytår 2015!