This Is My Weekend

Stories from weekends are always interesting and I want to share mine.

Yesterday I went with a co-worker from Vietnam to Lottemart, a Korean wholesale market in southern Sanur. We went there by Bali bus, Sarbagita from Sanur. It was the second time I enticed her to use the bus, not taxi or a motorbike. She has problem with the heat in Bali, so she´s quite picky with the transportation. Suddenly, after we reached the destination, something went wrong. We didn´t know how to across the street, because Lottemart is on the other side of the bus stop. Well, I said to her that there´s no other way but to walk a little further back and across the street using the cars turn. So we walked back and forth. And then she started to share a little bit about her stories with motorbike or walking. When she was in Germany for a year, she used to walk to reach places or using a bike. That´s how it supposed to, I think. J That is what I like about living in Europe. You should walking, use a bike or bus to go anywhere. It´s more earth friendly, I´m sure. Less air and sounds pollution. When she got back to Vietnam, she used a motorbike. Now, as she stays for 2 months in Bali, she has to walk a lot. Not often using motorbike. She walks for 5 minutes to the office every working day and to other important places, such as the traditional market, Pasar Senggol, to the grocery, Hardy´s, or maybe to the beach, she uses her bike. I am quite sure, it´s only about habit. Since I was on the first grade, I have had to walk to school and to go back home for kilometers long. I was never expected my parents to drive me to school. Sometimes my father did, but only because of certain things.

The interesting thing about her is, she always prepare herself with something to cover her skin. Wearing a scarf each time she goes out and is the sun shines so hot, she´ll take a cap to cover her head, instead of using an umbrella. Once, she asked me, why I never wear something to cover my head or my skins from the sun. I said only one thing and only. I come from Indonesia and my home city is as hot as in Sanur. An information about my home city, Medan. Medan is a city quite near to the sea. But the humidity is much higher than in Bali and also because of the air pollution from the vehicles is quite similar with Jakarta, the city that I always avoid to visit from now. So, I can understand about her problem with the heat. The only thing that I feel really grateful is, Sanur is windy but not so humid.

After we both reached Lottemart, we took a look around. I started from the fridge section. She accompanied me for a few minutes, but then disappeared to somewhere I didn´t know exactly. We were separated. Actually I was just want to compare the prices in this wholesale mart with other marts, such as Hypermart and Carrefour. No shopping. But then something went wrong. She shopped! Hahaha. She started to buy seafood and vegetables. She went here and there. She called me to ask what where. At the first time it supposed to be quick. But after I saw my watch, 4 hours passed us by just like that. I didn´t mind to accompany her to shop, but it supposed to be me whose going to shop even if I have to shop in there, not her. J It was the second time I accompanied her to a shopping place. The first time was to Galeria Mall. We went there, because she wanted to buy middle size luggage in a shop that she was already been there before.

Women are the same, right? 🙂 See, try and buy.

In the cashier was not that good. Someone who was there for shopping and for the first time has to register and then they can pay what they take from the racks.  In my opinion, it´s not a good way to make people come again to shop. I have to wait for about 15 minutes, while my friend waited in line. How would they know that people will come again to shop or not, even though they were already registered. I think, it was not a good management. I saw also not so many people shopping there. It means something.

We went home with lots of things to carry. She looked glad. Maybe because the items Lottemart sale are cheaper than other wholesale marts in Bali. I don´t think so. Many items were also more expensive than in other wholesale marts.

That´s it. A nice day with her.

From The Terrace
Sunday morning view from my balcony everyday and sometimes with a blue clear sky, too. Without clouds at all. I think, I don´t want to move from here anymore. 🙂


Ja. Fast 2 Monaten bleibe ich schon in Bali. Genau in Sanur, Denpasar. 3 Wochen habe ich schon gearbeitet. Es ist mir immer noch kaum zu glauben. Vor paaren Monaten habe ich ihn gesagt, dass ich nach Bali fliegen mochte. Um zu arbeiten und zu urlauben. Einfach so. Ich möchte ein neues Leben anfangen. Und, hier bin ich. Fast 2 Monaten vorbei ist, und warte ich noch viel mehr von Bali. Vor allem, von mir selbst. Kein Spiel mehr. Kein Beschweren. Keine Sauerei. Keine Mitbewöhnern. Alles allein machen, besorgen und einrichten. Tja, jeder muss überleben, oder? 🙂 Jetzt sollte ausruhen und warte auf Morgen auf. Gute Nacht, WPers! Schönen Abend noch Deutschland, Österreich und Liechtenstein. 🙂