In Jealousy

Another pregnant co-worker said temporary goodbye to us all in the office before going home this afternoon.

Yes. There are two pregnant co-workers in the office and one of them has giving birth a couple weeks ago. Everyone gave congratulations through e-mails or skype, because she´s not going to come until two months ahead. Maternity leave.

This afternoon everyone kissed her for the last time. Nope. Just for 3 months ahead. For me personally, it´s a little bit sad, because we are going to miss her loud voice and while she´s singing daily. Her big and loud voice always entertained us during the boring hours. Her nice and opened personality always makes us laughing. There´s always something from her that can makes us cheer up again. O je! Sie wird weg ab morgen! Our clown will take a rest for a while.

And, another co-worker is going to leave at the end of next week. She has to go back to her country. Yes, she has to go back to Vietnam. It´s going to be sad, because I won´t see again someone who sit beside me every working day. I won´t see again someone I can ask tons of questions every day. But, people come and go. I can´t do anything but accept it.

One thing I know, she plan to come back for a vacation next year. She said that she wants to travel again in Indonesia. The time is not enough to travel, she told me. Two months is not enough. Yes. It is not enough to travel in Indonesia in two months. Even one year is not enough to enjoy the adventure in my country, I said to her. Not being too much, but it is. From Medan to Jayapura can take a whole day with a flight. From the west to the very east of Indonesia might take 24 hours. Well, I did it once years ago. It was quite exhausting and I don´t know if I can do it again. Hahaha. Take a rest. Take a rest. It´s time to take a long rest. Maybe a year would be enough, I´m sure.

Pregnant moms. Soon, they will be a woman. Completely being a woman.

I feel, I´m getting jealous with every pregnant women … #lol