Sea and Sunrise

I am not morning person.

I always dislike to wake up early.

But, I don’t want to miss these breathtaking scenery and face tomorrow with tons of regrets.

I wanted to do morning run. But, I made some stops that I can not waste. The view was just to precious not to shot.
Try different angle to get the view of Agung and Batur far away.
I just want to try other colors to get a unique impression of landscape photo. And I like it. A LOT!


From Bali To Java

Late post from my trip crossing half of the island. Starting from Sanur and then flew to Yogyakarta. 😀 Part of the job, but it was a blessing for me. See and know many things without paying anything.

Visiting Yogyakarta, Magelang for Borobudur Temple, Candi Rejo Village, Solo, Prambanan Temple, took train to Mojokerto, afterward with car to Tengger Highland and to Bromo Volcano and ended with climbing Ijen volcano.

More photos will be uploaded later and share a little stories inside each photo.


Such a heavenly view ….

Once I read that the sunrise in this beach is one of the most amazing sunrise on earth. The colors (sometimes purple, red, orange, bright yellow, blue or the mix of it all), the view, the landscape, the atmosphere … just right. At that time I thought he was … too much. Until I saw it myself. He was right. Each sunrise gives unique feeling to its adorer. It’s worth to wake at 5 AM, walk about 15 minutes to the beach and witnessed this precious sunrise. It’s true. It’s such a heavenly view. Just like Coldplay said.