• Let’s Take a Walk to Taman Bhagawan

    Dear friends, it looks like that I have to re-arrange all my posts in this blog. Since I’m on and off due to traveling and working, so forgive me, if the story line is going to be back and forth. This time, I’d like to share a little about my afternoon beach walk in Tanjung…

  • The Sayan House: Japanese x Latin Fusion in Bali


  • Bubbly

    The rain is falling on my window pane ….

  • Saturday Morning by The Beach

    Candid shot from my back, which my friend took it. 😀 Quite amazing to see the beach from the seaside, not the beach side. It was low tide and we can walk about 50 meters to the sea. We watched the little fishes, seaweed and of course the corals. Like it!

  • Don’t Sleep …. See The Sun Rises

    Early Summer Those chairs soon will be seated …. in Summer. Do you see my sunrise?

  • Sea and Sunrise

    I am not morning person. I always dislike to wake up early. But, I don’t want to miss these breathtaking scenery and face tomorrow with tons of regrets.

  • From Bali To Java

    Late post from my trip crossing half of the island. Starting from Sanur and then flew to Yogyakarta. 😀 Part of the job, but it was a blessing for me. See and know many things without paying anything. Visiting Yogyakarta, Magelang for Borobudur Temple, Candi Rejo Village, Solo, Prambanan Temple, took train to Mojokerto, afterward…

  • Sailing to find you ….

    I was there. I was on board. But not my heart. Not my mind. Not my soul. I seek. But, I saw nothing but an endless sea…. I can’t find you….

  • Such a heavenly view ….

    Once I read that the sunrise in this beach is one of the most amazing sunrise on earth. The colors (sometimes purple, red, orange, bright yellow, blue or the mix of it all), the view, the landscape, the atmosphere … just right. At that time I thought he was … too much. Until I saw…

  • Clash