Nunggalan; The Last Hidden Beach in Bali

Bali. This island has no more hidden or pristine beach. At first I thought so, because after living on this island for more than 4 years I didn’t see any pristine beach. I have visited many beaches and were the same. Not the beaches I expected as before coming to this island. But yes, I have found one a few months back after a friend showed me during our adventure to the very south of the island.

We were trekking down the cliffs and jungle to reach the hidden beach about 40 minutes and after saw the field with some cows, we’re reaching the beach. It was breathtaking. I could not say anything but inhale and exhale.

Hopefully this beach stay the same… Hidden and beautiful.

Please keep the places you visit to stay clean.

The Last Hidden Beach
It was breathtaking. It was.
Summer Vibes
Enjoy the summer vibes with friends.
Sunset of The Last Hidden Beach
I thought. For some times I thought that there was no more hidden beach in Bali. But I found one, because a friend showed me.

Creativity Has No Limit




What do you think, if you see these 3 photos?

I’m sure each of you had different opinion.

What I want to say, is it really bad if someone using a few photo editors to process a photo?

Some people might say, “Fake! Fake! Fake!”

A few days ago I saw people commented a super moon photo in Facebook.

I think, it’s not polite if someone spread the word ‚Fake‘ just like that without adjusting their opinion.

Then someone else said, “You forgot to erase the clouds behind that super moon! Come on!”

Or a photographer said, “You shouldn’t use too many editors to process the original photo. It looks artificial?”




Maybe I’m not that creative, but I do appreciate a lot, when someone do something different and try to invent.

As they want to.

Be creative.

Sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong place, the wrong city, the wrong province, the wrong island, the wrong country.

That’s it.

Do people even notice that what they eat needs creativity from whoever cooked it in the first time?

I don’t know, if they ever think about it.

But, I do care and always curious about it.

I have only this sentence.