• It Shocking But Not Really

    Yesterday, I just realized. After the global pandemic the people getting weird. First, the trans-women, not all but a lot, getting weirder and delusional. Many of them think that it’s funny to make a joke about tampon and period. Well, I won’t make a joke about men having prostate. Most of all, what makes me…

  • Nunggalan; The Last Hidden Beach in Bali

    Bali. This island has no more hidden or pristine beach. At first I thought so, because after living on this island for more than 4 years I didn’t see any pristine beach. I have visited many beaches and were the same. Not the beaches I expected as before coming to this island. But yes, I…

  • Fast Dunkel

  • Ein Weg zur Vergangenheit

  • Lonely Dove

    A White Dove Flying in the Sky It Symbolizes Silences and Says no Violence A White Dove Flying in the Sky, is pretty It Symbolizes Beauty and says we should always do our Duty A White Dove Flying in the Sky, It Shifts and Glides, Signifies Ups and Downs in Life. A White Dove Flying…

  • Rotes Haus

      Hamburg, 2007

  • Autumn Evening

    Ich vemisse meine Perlen. Landungsbrücken, Hamburg, 2007

  • Alster

    Hamburg, 2007

  • a Loner

    Es war kalt. Kalter Samstag Nachmittag. Ich war allein zur Stadtmitte gegangen. Letzter Samstag vor dem Heimflug. Irgendwie war ich fast halbe Stunde stehen geblieben. Danach hatte ich entschieden, dass ich gleich los sein sollte. Es wurde kälter und kälter. Aber dann … hatte ich diesen Mann gesehen. Er blieb dort für Minuten. Ich mochte…

  • Sommergefühl