Swans of The Lake

I walked through the woods. I saw those two.

I walked by the lake. I saw those two.

I walked by the river. I saw those two.

I stood on the bridge.

Finally, I got the shot.

Of those two.

(This photo I took after observing these two swans for months and as far as I know, there were no other swan I saw beside these.)

2 Swans


am Besten

Hast du mal ´nen Fehler mit deiner Kamera gemacht?

Ich habe. Paar Mal.

Das originale Aufnahme war schlimmer, glaube ich.

Aber ich weiss net mehr, wo ist das Aufnahme.


Really really really oversaturated!

Dann habe ich dies und das hingefügt.

Ich erinnere mich auch nicht mehr welche Apps oder Software.


Just to get a better quality and details I have to use this and that.

But, It worth it.

Festival Dog_2 copy