• First Day of The Year 2023

    So, more than 12 hours of the first day in 2023 is gone. Issue? The refrigerator’s fan is broken and yes, no ice for a while, I guess. Because it’s first of January 2023 and Sunday, so no one will come to fix it. Good thing that tomorrow is Monday. Personal life? Work From Home…

  • Bali Beachboys – Traumleben am Strand?

    Bali Beachboys – Traumleben am Strand?.

  • The Power of Goodbye

    No “letting go” ever easy to do. To face or to accept. But, this time it looks like that I have to let him go. For good. Even though my heart say no and try to fight for him. But, this time I give up. Really. I don´t have the power to make him stay…

  • Miss you ….

      ” I’m a strong person, but once in a while I would like someone to take my hand and tell me everything’s gonna be alright.” 

  • Sanur, Dieser Morgen

    Das Wetter. Der Himmel ist dunkel geworden. Bissle kalt. Leicht geregnet. Bewolkt. Schlecht? Nö. Schlecht, wenn ich denke, dass das Wetter schlecht ist. 🙂