There Were Human In That Airplane! For God Sake!

Suddenly I felt sad, annoyed and disappointed by a comment of a Malaysian woman in a British online media post I read yesterday. What I still can remember is, she said that Malaysia has lost another plane for the third times in a year. Then another Malaysian women commented that she agreed with the first woman and said to pray for Malaysia.

For God sake! You care more for a lost flying machine than the passenger inside it?! You got to be joking! And as important note is that most of the passengers in that sunk Air Asia QZ 8501 were Indonesian. So? We here are in the real mourning. Like there were no Indonesians inside the crashed MH 17 and the lost MH 370. No one wants this happen to anyone anywhere.

I really don’t know what to reply for that kind of public comment that can be read by people. Why nowadays people care much more for things than human? You might think and say, „Hey, it’s just a comment.“, but at the moment, I think everyone should not say something without thinking first.

Personally, I am tired of this kind of tragic moment. I don’t have to be a member of the family of those victims of plane crashed to feel what they feel from losing their beloved one. Just by witnessing a plane crashed down and someone free flew from the sky in the middle of hard rain when I was a child already shivers me to death and I realize that I can never forget it for the rest of my life but to accept it.

It made me shiver, because something try to tell me a warning for that big writing in front of me that day, November 30th 2014 on my way heading hometown from Bandung to Medan.

Either in the end of 2006 or in 2007 I was afraid of flying home from Germany to Indonesia, because there were more than 3 planes down in Indonesia. Then I cancelled my flight, because of this insecure feeling of flying. Even though I missed my family, friends and homeland a lot.

From my flying experience with many national and international planes, none of it the best. That’s include twice flying with Malaysia Airlines, which I won’t fly again with it, since the food and their flight attendance for long haul flight from Medan to Frankfurt via Kuala Lumpur was not recommended.

 I hope that we can think first what to say or comment before knowing what was really happened. As Indonesian, I am thankful for all helps from many neighbor countries to find Air Asia QZ 8501.

My prayer to all MH 17 and MH 370 passengers, also their families. Amin.

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