New Level, New Room

Life is incredibly unbelievable.

I wasn’t expected anything. But, here I am. In a small meeting room, which also with working table on the other end of the room. Still my computer with me and only with new working paper and large windows behind me. New room. In new level.

It feels like only a week ago I came back from 5 days and 4 nights round trip in Java and after I came back to the office, I got the news that I was offered to take this position to handle the biggest DMC in Germany and maybe in Europe. Yes, it was a shock and I was almost chocked. Gasping and inhale exhale that I can do about it. Though, it still takes time to accept everything consciously. Yes, I am still in shock.

Working with some German speaking expats in this room make me feel quite … anxious. Looks like I need Duden once again. What a life I have…. Once again talking in German, English and Indonesian language with them all at the same time is quite a thing with my tongue. Lol.

Well, got to through all this with all my heart and soul. Love your job and hopefully, the good things will come into your life as future benefits.

Gotta go and get rest. Maybe? 😉

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