Amazing Things Happened Sooner or Later After You Wish, Hope and Pray For It

It`s been a while, since the last time I write back in my page.

Hey! I got a greeting from WordPress for being here in these 2 years. Great! It makes me want to write more often.

Well, what will I share to you all now? I don`t know where to start and what to share.

In one side it is getting better and I am very thankful to my creator. But in other side it is still xoxo. I miss my family, but I have to start a new phase in my life and focus on it since the end of last March. This time I don`t want and try not to waste the chance that been given to me. This is the one that I want as occupation and I am enjoying it. Everything.

The greatest thing that happened to me lately is that I am going to be that close to my dreams. Years ago I wondered, when can I stand on the top of Mount Bromo in East Java province and see with my own eyes the famous Blue Fire of Mount Ijen. Every time I saw someone`s photo with Mount Bromo or Ijen, I always feel envy for them and in my mind I just can asking to God, “Dear God, when is my turn to go there? When can I stand on the top of those mountains? When can I take photos of those world famous places?” It looks like that God heard my prayers all these years.

So, I am assigned to join educational trip from my office and for the first year I got chosen to join the trip to Java over land. I can`t wait until end of October to make it happen. With 5 other colleagues from the office and 3 Hollanders will through this trip. The trip will start in Yogyakarta and heading to Borobudur Temple, continue to go back to Yogyakarta, with train heading to Mount Bromo, by car through East Java plantation to Mount Ijen and at the end crossing Java Strait to Bali. It`s going to be a week of over land trip. And my task before the trip is only to press my weight a few kilos lower and stay fit, because hike 2 mountains in a week is going to be difficult enough, if my body not fit, since I have problem with my left knee. Hopefully it`ll work out until the day we leave Bali heading to Java. This hiking is the first, since my last hiking back in exactly 10 years ago. Wow! The last hiking was to Mount Sinabung near to my hometown and exploded a couple years ago. Somehow I am grateful that I have hiked a volcano and now it`s awake after 400 years sleeping.

Amanusa and Me.
Amanusa and Me.

Another bless was two weeks ago, finally I can visit the luxury houses in southern Bali. The houses are Keraton Jimbaran, Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali, The Melia, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, the famous Amanusa and St. Regis. Maybe it sounds a little too much, but for me it`s like a great thing and also as a wish that came true, because I can see those houses with my own eyes from the inside. It was awesome! If I don`t work in this field, I think I can never enter these houses.

We met new colleagues and new people. I even had a little funny chat with a staff from St. Regis that born as Russian-German. Somehow I know that she`s not from English speaking country or English as her mother language. Amazing! She worked for 4 years in Maldives and it was like a common new friend chat. It was not like official working conversation. What I can remember that she was very nice. Too bad that our pick-up has came and we had to go as soon as possible to Jimbaran beach for seafood dinner on the beach with our colleagues from Thailand.

What amazing things happened to me lately…. Thank You.

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