Sea Bell

How can I get there?How can I get there? Is it safe to stand upon it?

That was my question from a ship’s roof top. Yes, passangers were allowed to sit and lay down on it and enjoy the sun with sun glasses hang on your ears. Maybe it would be quite awesome to get the best view from that little tower, I thought. But, I might be crazy enough to stay long enough on that tower. Maybe next time I´ll try. If someone wants to take me there just for a day. 🙂

Meanwhile … I just have to enjoy the morning sun on my face on this roof. In an hour so I´ll reach that island and have fun with friends … snorkling, cycling around the island, have a walk to the mangrove woods, tasting grilled corn, jumping from the bridge to the sea, etc etc etc.

(It was a small story last June. 🙂 Lame me.)

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