Do You Think Our Food Healthier?

„Are the people in her country eat healthier food than we eat, Mom?“, asked a German boy to his mom while having lunch with me.  Then his mother replied with low tone, „Yes, they are.“

Surprised! That statement comes from a mom with very strong awareness for the sake of her husband, her daughter and sons health … and said many times that the food from my country taste bad and unhealthy!

Wow! I never expected something like that would comes out from her lips. Well, I do really doubt it at that time.

It´s not that I think that the people from my country eat the most healthy foods, if I have to compare with other countries, which I have visited.  It´s just yes, we eat fresh food most of the time. Cooking 3 times a day, if it´s possible.

But, I don´t think that the people in my country has the healthiest food on earth! In fact, it´s NOT! For me, I don´t eat much oily food. Especially if it´s fried. Fat fat fat everywhere! I prepare something cooked, raw, baked or grilled.  Though I still eat it sometimes for it´s deliciousness. Lol! Either with palm oil or coconut oil. But palm oil is the worst, because the causes of this palm in my country and now many campaign against it´s use.

There are still people, who eat gross food in my country in fact. I give you example. In a city  in Sulawesi island named Manado. There´s a traditional market and internationally well-known for it´s cruelty grilling cats, bats, dogs, snakes, rats and many other wild animal, which I AM COMPLETELY AGAINST IT! You might want to google, if you are curious enough and just get your stomach ready before you see photos of that market. I suggest you to empty your stomach.

Me? I choose healthy life for my own sake for years. Since I got many digesting problems and etc. So, I decided, I have to eat very less oil and get the right diet.

These food below, my mom used to cook for us at home. It is simple and still delicious. It has the right balance, I believe. Especially for lunch.

4 Kommentare zu „Do You Think Our Food Healthier?

    1. I agree! Sundanese eat many raw foods and I love it! 🙂 Naahhh, Minang cuisine too oily. 😦 Just love Rendang. The one and only, mbak. Papeda from Papua also healthy! You should try that.

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment!

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