A Heart By The Window

… 5.15 am.

She stands there.

By Window.

Not moving.

While everyone still dreaming….

Minutes gone by.


Two teardrops falling slowly through her cheeks and smiling lips.

Falling from that kind and soft eyes.

But looks tired.

Tired from longing.

Longing for that man.

The man, she believe, is the one … and still.

Because there´s still hope.

A little left.

Inside… her heart is broken.

For the second time. 

Move on is the only way she can think of.

Letting go.



She starts to think of having a family.

Taking care of her own children.

Taking care of her man.

Her own family.

Others will follow.

She plans.

With the man who wants her.

As much as she wants him.

For the rest of her life.

The life balance she needs.

A completion.

Time won´t wait for her.

Drowning or fighting.



A new day has come.

That one day it all will come true.

Hope. Wish. Pray.

Then … she walks … by the beach ….

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