Season and Reason

„ Some comes for a season, some comes for a reason. “

H, which one are you? The “some”? A season? Or a reason? I will never know, unless you tell me.

H, how are you?

Hey, do you see the crescent and it´s three little stars as friends in the sky now? It´s not a bright and glow fullmoon anymore. But those three little stars still beside the crescent.

How long we don´t talk to each other like best friends do? I don´t remember anymore. Do you? Or, you are still very busy with your life there? Maybe we will never talk to each other again from now on.

As you wish….

H, can you see now the sun slowly sneaking from the horizon? I wish, we can see sunrise together by the beach one day. But, it is just a wish. Some wishes are fulfilled and some are not. Still, nice to have a wish, right?

Montag Morgen. Ich hab die Tür hinten geöffnet und ... Guten Morgen, Agung! Ach ... wie schön die Welt, oder? Mindestens hier :)
Montag Morgen. Ich hab die Tür hinten geöffnet und … Guten Morgen, Agung! Ach … wie schön die Welt, oder? Mindestens hier 🙂

Like a wish, that this all won´t be so complicated. Just like what you said.

H, no one wants complication in life. But you know what, if it´s not complicated, then no one wants to struggle to make their dreams come true. No one will fight for their life. What is the special thing about life, if you don´t struggle for what you want, what you wish for, what you dream of?

H, the sky is getting brighter and more orange. The sun is coming. A new day has come.

H, by telling me to go out and have dinner with a male friend, it´s the same way you want me to leave you. I am not good at pretending. So, that´s what I think, you want me to do. I hope, you can understand your own words and meaning. As you wish, I´m leaving. Even I never want to do that.

As I said before and I will tell you again and again that I won´t push your heart. You are free to decide. I am free to decide. We are free to decide. Still, there are decisions in life that we have to decide together.

H, so many things I want to share with you. I miss you…. Still.

You were online on Whatsapp. But, I think, from now on I just have to stare at my hand phone and hope, one day your pop up message will show. Just to know you are there. Healthy and happy.


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