Come and Go

„Don´t worry, dear Dwi. People come and go for a reason. People come and go for a season.”

That´s what a friend´s comment on my twit a few days ago. Yes. I am sad, because my neighbor move to Vietnam tomorrow. I mean my co-worker. Her time is over in my office. She´ll fly tomorrow morning to her hometown. I never knew that I am going to miss her this much. “Das Kleinchen” nenne ich sie. O je! Miss her already. I won´t see my little guide again in a long time. I won´t see someone, whom I can ask for help, someone I can tease every time I want. Someone I can greets “Morgen!” every day. But, she promise me, she´ll be back next year and travel to Raja Ampat with me. I feel glad to hear that.

Before watching Insidious 2
Before watching Insidious 2

She´s just like my own sister and I am the big sister. Well, she is smaller than me and I didn´t realized that I always act like a big sister to her. Until one of the co-worker today said, “Oh my God! You´re sounds like her mother now! You know a lot what she like and don´t like.” OMG! I didn´t realized that. But she is. In two months I know a lot of things about her. What she liked to eat and to do. She liked to eat a lot of fried mushrooms with cheese and tomato sauce upon it. She don´t like vegetables and fruits, but still eat some of it. And a lot more about her.

Well, I hope we can meet each other again next year. I wish.

And she gave me a lot of things!
And she gave me a lot of things!

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