4 Men

I feel weird and glad at the same time. My neighbors are 4 men in 4 rooms. We are in the second floor. My room is in the middle.
I just found out from the watcher a week ago that 2 men are going to rent the rooms for a month, because I saw him cleaning up the rooms and prepared things in the room.
They´re on a vacation in Bali and maybe travel to other islands also, he said.
Well, glad to hear that at the time, because I won´t feel alone again on the second floor every night. Even they will stay just for a month. At least there is someone stays in the other rooms next to my room to the right and left.
I don’t mind if they screaming out loud during the football match. Though it´s going to be quite annoying. But it´s okay. Just being tolerance not going to be that bad, right? I won´t see them either during the working days.
By the way, 3 of them are French and one is the watcher. Yes. It´s become a French nest, I supposed. Downstairs there are also a French couple, if I was not mistaken. French nest. I start to name it like that since 3 weeks ago.
Yup. A French nest. It looks like that I am going to start to get stories about French neighbors. Later I will share some daily life stories.

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