What You Bring Today?

I think, I´m getting used to this kind of question in the lunch room in my office. Every lunch break someone always ask others this question. It´s not that someone wants to show off. After days I realized that everyone wanted to share what they brought for lunch. At least to taste a little bit what you bring for lunch. Even if it´s just a box full of frozen jelly, fruits, or snacks. You share what you bring. Hmm …. Not really. Even if sometimes someone feel too shy to ask or taste the food from others. Don´t worry! Someone will offer you their food. Guarantee. You will get something. We thought, that the table is just like ours. But of course, everyone can come. No one will send you out of the room.


Now, it seems like my interest of cooking come back again after months gone. Seeing other co-workers always bring something for lunch very often, make me start to cook again with what I got in my tiny kitchen. The only “not good” thing is, I like to cook but not to eat what I cook. Cooking for others has its own pleasure, my mom said. I´m sure, I got this from her. She´s also like to cook but kind of lazy to eat what she cooked. Weird sometimes I think. But that was. She is still the best chef in my life. Yes, she is.

Because I´m still in the process of filling my place with furniture, so I cooked something easy. Like this vegetables and beef meatballs soup. It is really simple to cook. I just need potatoes, carrots, green beans, meatball, small chillies, a little bit of sugar and salts, and pepper. All cooked together in boiled water. That´s it.

And for the days after, I really don´t know what to cook. Because of often I cooked using a recipe that just pop-up from nowhere. So, let see what will show up from my kitchen.

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