Tidung: My First Escape

Posing :D

Where should I start my trip this time? I don’t know actually, because I have so many reasons to do this trip. But the main reason to take this trip as soon as possible, is to get away from the crowded in this main island. Anyway, I have planned this trip for years, since the first time I saw my friend’s pictures on a beach with tosca colour, clear water, bikinis, boats, coconuts, banana boats, snorkeling, diving, biking around the island, or just walking anywhere you want to go and enjoying the sunset with your beloved one or with friends. Her trip to Tidung Island years ago make me envy her and I promised I got the feeling that I got to make it this time or I will never make it forever. If I don’t start to take steps and eager for this trip, I know I’ll cancel it again and again. I realized that I don’t have much money for a fancy vacation in Bali, but I feel, that’s not what I want from a vacation to experience. Thank God, friends asked me to join their trip to Tidung Island, which is not far from Jakarta fisherman’s harbor, Muara Angke.


So, I’ll start to share about my trip.

Bild My friends and I gathered at a friend’s apartment on Friday night, so we can go very early in Saturday morning. Why we should go early in the morning, because it was a long weekend. Thursday was a holiday and a lot of people who lives in Jakarta and Tangerang took a long weekend vacation and I was pretty sure that they’ll spend their long weekend in Thousand Island. Maybe only for these reasons; cheap, the nearest vacation spot from Jakarta and Banten, and no need to fly to Bali if you want beaching, snorkeling and diving. Years ago I really want to snorkeling or diving in Aceh, especially in Weh Island and I made it. My friends and I were only free snorkeling. I mean without any snorkeling equipment. See underwater life in Iboih beach, such as damaged corals because of tsunami in 2004 and fishes everywhere. If I had the chance, I really want to go back there.


We went from my friend’s apartment in Latumenten and heading to Muara Angke harbor at 5 am, took a public bus and paid Rp. 4000,-/person. Our vacation cost only Rp. 220.000,-/person. It was less than I expected at first and perfect! The charge included go-back with fisherman’s ship (Rp. 70.000,-), 3 times meal (lunch, dinner and breakfast), bicycles, and the most interesting that they served for us, is the house we stayed in. It was a big house, which separated into 2 parts. Our part has 2 bedrooms with air conditioner for you, who can’t really stand with a small island in the middle of an ocean’s weather, 2 mattress on the floor (I mean only mattress , without the bed), 2 typical Indonesian bathrooms with a big drum of water and closets inside it, a water dispenser with a gallon of water and ready to drink, a small clothes horse, a television, a big fan, an extra bed (they placed it in the living room, because we were 6 persons), a few wooden chairs and a table in the terrace.

BildThe fisherman’s ship went from Muara Angke harbor before 8 am and arrived in Tidung island around 10 am. Yup! It took only couple hours to reach the island from Jakarta. But, if you don’t want to sit a crowded ship with almost 100-200 people, you can take a fast boat from Ancol harbor. It cost more expensive than with fisherman’s ship just for one way, but of course with a lot less people, more comfortable and faster. The boat needs only an hour to reach Tidung Island or Pari Island.Snorkeling There

After we arrived, first we went to the rest house and took a lunch. It was normal daily food in Indonesia. They served white rice, fried fish, vegetable, sambal and fruits. Then we rode to the beach and just walked around the beach, see what interesting and taking pictures. For your information, the government charged all bikes that are parked on the beach parking lot and cost Rp. 2.000,-.

On the first day we were just biking to the beach and have to walk around the small Tidung Island, which is connected with a bridge that many people called the Bridge of Love. We stopped in a small shop by the beach to buy fried banana, a cup of instant coffee and enjoyed the ocean’s view. Then we went back to get rest. It took a lot of energy just to play in the water, walking and biking around. But, it was fun.

The Bridge of Love

The next morning 3 of my friend went to the beach to watch the sunrise. After we got there, many people were already there and taking pictures. It was not as I expected to. The morning sky was very cloudy and impossible to get perfect photo from the sun that rise up from the horizon. But still, I took a view shots and biked back to the house with my friends. We took a shower, had breakfast and got prepared for snorkeling as soon as possible by the beach to avoid too many people gather in the same spot.

Biking Time!After having fun, we went back and ready to go back to Jakarta around 1 pm and arrived in Muara Angke at 3 pm. Because of Muara Angke is full of fisherman’s ships, fishes, people, water on the roads, mini busses, cars and motorcycles all over the place, it looked definitely crowded. So, for someone who really don’t want to experience something like that, I suggests to use fast boats from Ancol harbor.

Yup! That’s my first escaping trip to Tidung Island in Thousand Island, Jakarta, Indonesia. I hope I can do it again soon, because I have something that I didn’t do in Tidung. I didn’t take underwater photos. Well, I’ll make it next time. I believe soon.

Tosca Beach

Ps: Because I don’t have much time to post some of my writings, I will edit this one step by step. Have a nice summer, WPers!

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