How Fast Am I?

Oh, yeah! Interesting title, right? But please, don’t imagine that I’m genetically related with that amazing Superman. Hahahaha! Because I am not and don’t want to be one of his relative.

Actually this is not the first time I catched something falling. Actually I want to forget that I did it several times , since I couldn’t even remember how many times.

The latest was yesterday evening, while my hostfamily and I were chatting after dinner. It happened because Noah, their youngest son, grabed a standing lamp in the corner of the dining room, just half of meter on my left side. My hostmother, Jeanette, put Noah on the floor near the lamp, because he acted really like a baby! 🙂 When she fed him very tiny chopped spaghetti, suddenly he banged his bowl. It was totally chaos! Tiny spaghettis everywhere! My hostmother and hostfather instead of being angry, but laughing. We were silence for a while and then smiling together. Baby. Now Noah shows that he is not that kind of funny baby anymore. 🙂 After that Jeanette put Noah on the floor and said, „That’s it! You’re done!“ I still watched Noah wants to crawl to his palace in the living room. It’s a soft carpet for babies to play with many toys on it. I thought he’s going to crawl to his palace. But he wasn’t! He try to grab the standing lamp in the corner of the room right behind Jeanette. Once again, I thought he was trying to stand up with his right hand holding on the lamp and the left hand try to reach the wall. It wasn’t. He gave up and try to grab the lamp and drop it! Somehow I got that „thing“ and it was right. When I was still talking with Jeanette and my hostfather, I saw Noah grabbed the lamp and almost dropped on to Jeanette’s head. I didn’t know what happened and how to explain it, but I stand up as fast as I can and my right hand catched the top of the lamp and hold it. Because of trying to catch the lamp so it wouldn’t fall on to Jeanette’s head , I didn’t realized that my right thigh hit the edge of Jeanette’s chair. I feel the pain about a few minutes after that. And it was really hurt. Then my hostfather said, „Good reflex!“. I just can give painful smile. 🙂 I don’t care how good my reflex motion. I just care about your son. And Noah crawled again and acted like nothing happened because of him. Babies are the same! 🙂 Pooing, peeing, eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, smiling, laughing and crying. That’s all.

Noah always try to touch Molly’s fur. Sorry, I mean grabbing her fur.
Don’t Shoot Me!
The first time I took his photo while sleeping

Often I feel uncomfortable with what happened and even with myself. Sometimes I think maybe I am so aware of what happens around me and „know“ what will happen before it happened. As far as I can remember, I catched falling lens cap from my friend professional digital camera when I was on the street photo hunting with him and 2 other friends. The other time when I sat in digital camera store in a mall in my hometown. My friend was sloppy when he opened the lens cap and finally fell. But before it touched the floor, my left hand catched it. He said,“What an amazing move, Dwi!“. I just smiled. I really didn’t know what happened that moment. I didn’t know that lens caps going to fall. The same thing happened when I blocked a ball with my right hand that almost hit my face outside of the court. Once, when I was in highschool, I grabbed my friend’s uniform and pulled her back from an accident in front of our school gate. The car didn’t hit her but the car’s left front tire rolled on my left shoe. She was angry with me because I grabbed her shirt. I told her that the car just passed us by, was almost hit her if I didn’t do that.

I still didn’t understand. After something like that happened, I always felt exhausted. It was like all my energy fly away. Or am I just „too much“? Is someone out there can help me to explain about this?

4 Kommentare zu „How Fast Am I?

  1. Dear Aquariosa, Thank you for this article. You definitly have a great alertness which is quite awesome. And its a gift. You will see in which good way this gift will develop in your life. If this sort of interaction should happen again -we never know- and you feel exhausted, you could get back your energy by just sit and meditate a bit in silence. All the best and kind regards, Sabine

      1. Liebe Sabine,

        Danke! Ja, ich habe Deutsch studiert und war in Deutschland fast 2 Jahren geblieben. 🙂

        Herzliche Grüße


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