A Visit to Hillerød Palace

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I don’t know what to share this time. LOL. Well, last saturday we got dinner invitation in Hillerød, a city northern Copenhagen. It took only 20 minutes with E-Train from Copenhagen to Hillerød. So, this is just a bunch of our photos last saturday.

4 Kommentare zu „A Visit to Hillerød Palace

    1. Well, in my opinion most of them are quite, arrogant, cold people. But, people are the same, I supposed. Because when we were in Hillerød Palace front and backyard, some of them offered us to take our picture with our cellphone. Nice elders. 🙂 The youngs? There’s another story about them from my experiences here in this 10 months.

      1.…Your experience in Denmark isn’t too sweetwith the people…
        Thanks for your opinion! I really appreciate it!:)
        At least you know how Danes are..

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