You Were Not Okay

        I remember. There were times, when you called me many times. You didn’t have to tell me what happened with you. But I knew in seconds, you were not okay. I knew, you’re just to shy to say that you need me at that moment. Just to looked into your eyes, holded your hands and smiled. I didn’t have to say, that everythings going to be okay. You’ll know, I said that line from my smile. Because for me, to say something like that can be said through a smile from the heart, a warm look and a hug.

    Sometimes you just wanted to talk to me about your days, your problems and about your stupid friends. Another time you wanted me to hear your jokes. Some other times you wanted me just to sit beside you and held my hands.

      You were not okay. That’s all I knew.


  “ I’m a strong person, but once in a while I would like someone to take my hand and tell me everything’s gonna be alright.“ 

           Though many times I felt down, weak, ill, sad, disappointed, angry, tired. I tried not to complain to you. I didn’t want to bother you. But …

            Days has gone by. No news. Are you okay?

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