Similarity. I like this word and meaningful. Though sometimes this word can be boring. This word inspired me a lot lately. A new friend from a little chat a few days ago has made me think again and again, about the meaning of this word in our life. Talking about differences and say, that it’s beautiful to be difference, is not that nice anymore. Why don’t we share our similarity?

We started the chat that night with talking about one of my photo he saw in my album and give a comment. And than we talked about our daily life, what we’re doing now, our concern about social work, funding, helping the children, a little „arguing“ about „duck bath“, sharing about our future job, what we want and wish in life. The point is, we chatted honestly, even though both of us stranger in the site. Until we forgot to ask each other names *shame on you, Dwi!*

It’s also make me wonder. How can we share our personal things without doubting each other would „lie“? Funny … we asked and shared everything with no problems at all.

What do you think? Isn’t it glad to meet someone we can talk to and share everything honestly and being open-minded?

*Grazie, Luca*

Finally, i can write again in my blog!

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