Being a Huncher …. (26 Years breathin‘)

Sometimes i pretend not to be, but i can’t
In other time i try to be, but it feels too much
Somewhere i hope not happen what i’ve looked, but i can’t
In other place i’ve saw things, but i won’t tell you all that

I just know….somehow….

Few said, that i am lcuky one to have such a gift
Is it….a gift? simply undeniable thing, i think
But i am not also agree with them
There are thing, are not supposed to be said
Or … i’ll screw everything on seconds…

That’s why, it would be better, if i’m keeping those words
in silence….
the more i tell you…
the worst you might get…

but i hope not…

I always wish for you joy and happiness…
forever…in your hands….

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