Adiemus is a music project of the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins. Moreover Adiemus is also the title of a song that Karl Jenkins 1995 for a spot of the American airline Delta Air Lines composed. It is on the album Songs of Sanctuary.

Karl Jenkins combines harmonious choral and orchestra in a kind of similar ethnic or Enya Enigma. The „language“ that is used, is an invention of Jenkins and consists of imaginary syllables and words so that the language in the background and the voice as an instrument to the fore occurs. Often Adiemus as Celtic music or New Age. The exception is the album Adiemus V, whose songs rather jazzy held.

In the first four albums sang Miriam Stockley. As an additional voice was Mary Carewe added that the first two albums, and the fourth was involved. On the third album Dances of Time had a group of Finnish singers who are also involved in Vocalise again.

On the first three albums, the music from the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) recorded. Later, Karl Jenkins founded a Adiemus Orchestra for the album The Eternal Knot. For Vocalise, however, he again committed the LPO.

2000 was „Adiemus“ from the trance-DJ Mauro Picotto covered.

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